Testimonial: Brad Kavetski

Brad Kavetski is a founding member of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network-South Carolina Chapter and is the current State Director. Brad is a 12-year fire service veteran and began his fire service career as a volunteer in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Brad is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science Management from American Military University. He currently serves as a career Fire Captain with Horry County (SC) Fire Rescue & EMS Department and received his Fire Officer Designation from the Commission on Professional Credentialing.

“While completing research for my degree program’s capstone project on firefighter cancer prevention, I learned there was no FCSN representation in South Carolina and immediately knew that it needed to change. Though cancer has not affected me personally, a close family member who happens to be a vital fire service mentor to me was diagnosed with lymphoma. The realization that firefighter cancer is an overwhelming issue firefighters face in today’s fire service solidified my involvement with the FCSN to bring much needed firefighter assistance, cancer prevention, and training to the South Carolina fire service.”

In his spare time, Brad enjoys travelling, hiking, and camping with his wife, son, and twin daughters.