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For the first week in the Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month podcast series, IAFF staff is joined by Dr. Kenny Fent and Dr. Miriam Siegel from NIOSH to discuss the National Firefighter Registry (NFR). Listen along to better understand what the NFR is, the legislative efforts behind getting the registry created, why it was created, who can join the registry and how the registry can be used to better understand occupational cancer in the fire service.

IAFF staff sit down with the president of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), Bryan Frieders, to discuss the organization’s rise and structure, its mission to keep fire fighters safe, its alliance with the IAFF and the resources the FCSN provides in support of fire fighters who have received a cancer diagnosis. Bryan also explains efforts being taken by the FCSN to reduce cancer exposures in the fire service.

In this episode, IAFF staff talk with Garland, TX Local 1293 President Bill Crews and Fire Chief Mark Lee about the benefits of having a positive labor/management relationship in place to strengthen cancer prevention efforts and take care of members when they are diagnosed.

IAFF staff are joined by Dr. Aisha Rivera from Johns Hopkins University and Racquel Segall from the IAFF’s Health and Safety Department to discuss the science around cancer in the fire service, research projects the IAFF is involved with, prevention best practices and how the IAFF can assist departments with cancer questions.

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