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FCSN Website Enhancement RFP

Firefighter Cancer Support Network Releases RFP for Website Enhancements

Burbank, Cal., Feb 28, 2014 — The Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides support to fire and EMS personnel and their families following a cancer diagnosis. FCSN also develops and delivers vital cancer prevention education and outreach programs.

FCSN is seeking proposals for the enhancement, modernization and hosting of its existing firefightercancersupport.org website. The project is funded for an immediate start upon award of the contract. The successful bidder will work in partnership with FCSN to build and maintain the new website functionality and supporting infrastructure by:

  • Enhancing the FCSN website design for a clear, responsive, mobile-friendly user experience across the broadest possible range of devices and browsers;
  • Implementing a modern, searchable Content Management System (CMS) with feature-rich elements that can be easily updated and maintained by FCSN personnel without vendor assistance;
  • Adding a Wide Area Network intranet with tiered-access user forums, a Knowledge Base library, and an Academy area for streaming and downloadable training modules;
  • Configuring the FCSN website for current best-practice search engine optimization, Google rank improvement, analytics, and security functionality;
  • More fully integrating FCSN’s existing social media presence (e.g., blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) with the website;
  • Integrating multiple components of a new nonprofit management system (e.g., DonorPerfect), including email news subscriptions with automated unsubscribe;
  • Adding easily configurable IMAP email accounts with robust (at least 2GB) storage per account for 50-100 FCSN leaders, coordinators, mentors and other volunteers;
  • Recommending a web/email hosting approach that provides a platform for desired features, including site backup and restore, plus future growth and cost efficiency;
  • Suggesting improvements based on bidder’s web design experience;
  • Maintaining the live website and implementing periodic updates (e.g., themes, plug-ins, APIs) and other enhancements in a development environment;
  • Providing user training for FCSN IT liaisons, leadership, and volunteers; and
  • Offering technical support options with clearly defined response and resolution times.

FCSN seeks an implementation approach that enables us to demonstrate rapid results and make continuous improvements based on feedback from pre-launch test groups. The bidder should recommend an approach that supports this objective. FCSN will make the final award to the bidder whose proposal is deemed to provide the best value.

FCSN Website Enhancement RFP
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The FCSN provides timely assistance and one-on-one support to fire/EMS service members and their families after a cancer diagnosis, and it educates the fire/EMS service about cancer awareness, prevention, early detection and treatment options. The FCSN was founded in 2005 by LA County Fire Department FF/PM Mike Dubron (survivor of stage IV colon cancer) and was approved by the IRS in 2006 as a 501(c) 3 Charitable Foundation. FCSN is governed by an elected ten-member board of directors from across the country. firefightercancersupport.org

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