Updates from the front lines in the fight against occupational cancer in the fire service.


The Firefighter Cancer Support Network made its television debut when our organization was featured in two episodes this past season on Chicago Fire. The storyline was inspired by a conversation our President, Bryan Frieders, had with Chicago Fire writer and producer, Derek Haas.

Per Derek, “As you can imagine, because of the nature of our show, we get a lot of charities and organizations that reach out to us to see if we can help raise awareness of specific causes. Something about Chief Frieders’ original email stuck out to me and I emailed him to learn more about the FCSN. We met for lunch on the Universal Lot and he told me more about their mission,” he continued. “He’s a very effective communicator, and before the food arrived, I knew this would be a worthwhile subject to explore. Matt Whitney, the writer of 811, met with Bryan in the Fall as he worked out the story that eventually became ‘Where We End Up.’ I think Matt did a sensational job bringing this important story to our CHICAGO FIRE audience.” Read more about CHICAGO FIRE Boss on Highlighting Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

We are grateful to the team of writers, actors and producers at Chicago Fire for the opportunity to highlight the real stories of cancer in the fire service and use their platform for helping the FCSN support firefighters battling cancer.