Updates from the front lines in the fight against occupational cancer in the fire service.

A Ride 4 A Reason

AR4AR is a motorcycle road trip down the Pacific coast to raise awareness for firefighter occupational cancer. From Long Beach, Washington to Long Beach, California with stops along the way to share resources and awareness that can save first responders’ lives!

The Route for A Ride 4 A Reason goes from Long Beach, Washington to Long Beach, California with many stops along the way to discuss occupational cancer prevention techniques and behavioral health resources. The route explores the beautiful Oregon coastline stopping in Newport to meet with firefighter cancer survivors representing the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) and stops over in Coos Bay, OR. The ride then continues south from there to Eureka, CA and down the coast of northern California to San Rafael (just north of San Francisco). San Francisco FD have lost over 250 firefighters to cancer in the last 12 years (as reported by NBC Nightly News) and 15% of SFFD female firefighters have had breast cancer (that’s 6 times the national average).

The ride then kicks off for its final destination, departing south of Monterey to Santa Barbara to stop and discuss first responder behavioral health tactics and strategies and ends in Long Beach, CA to honor an AR4A rider’s fathers who lost his life to occupational (brain) cancer as a Long Beach firefighter of 21 years.  Join us by following us on:  

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