Updates from the front lines in the fight against occupational cancer in the fire service.

Bay Area engineer quits job to run across the country

Matty Gregg’s Story:

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Of all the causes supported in previous runs and journeys, this cause is one of my favorites. My first interaction with firefighters began years ago when I moved to NYC and met a lot of the teams involved with Firefighters who were part of the 9/11 dispatch. I witnessed the sacrifices they make every single day actively fighting blazes to keep us safe.

Firefighters have been the unsung heroes in California for the past two decades, combating our massive forest fires and keeping our communities as safe as possible. Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice in their line of work. And many more are now fighting for their lives against cancer.

I’m running across the country to raise awareness and money for Firefighter Cancer Support Network. They are a group out of Burbank, CA, but have operations in over 35 states (and growing). They train fire departments every day on preventing environments that could foster cancer. They are also investing in research and development for the fight against cancer.

I’m really excited to be pushing for fundraising for these heroes. I hope you can donate a bit, join me on the run, or just get the word out!